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Tropical Hardwood
Log Cutting

CFI practices strict quality control since its inception. On top of the top-tier machinery, raw material is chosen by company experts on the nose by holding the belief that premium product is produced by premium material. 


Apart from bespoke quality, high grade material possesses the ability to be fully utilised. Thus, it promotes waste minimisation and prolongs environment sustainability. 

Tropical Hardwood
Hardwood Pallet


In-house well trained experts are sent to the upstream to hand-pick raw material needed for veneer and plywood production. 

Inspection is also conducted upon delivery to assure the quality of the raw material matches the production requirements.

Log Cutting

Logs are cut into even length, sizes and group by diameters. 

This process is preparing for log debarking and peeling process.


To promote waste minimisation, the remains from peeling process are used to make wood packaging material such pallets and crates. 

The company aims to utilise the acquired raw material of its greatest value.

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